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Alchemy on the Wards

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Hindsight as Evidence


I wrote this on the eve of my 48th wedding anniversary

This year on November 8th I hopefully will be 75 years strong. I met Jim in 1973. I have known him for almost 5O years. When we published our book in 2006 I did not have my medical records. Sixteen years later I am much wiser about my personal history and the history of the corrupt relationship between psychiatry, allopathic medicine, the state and other professions, especially the law.


Since becoming prescription drug-free at the turn of the Millenium I did everything humanly possible to find out the truth about what really happened to me when I was electroshocked and drugged by medical professionals. It was only then that I could look back at my terrible, traumatic experience which was and still is the living torture of survivors of psychiatry.


When we wrote our book ‘ Soul Survivor - A Personal Encounter With Psychiatry’ I was so damaged by bio/coercive/deceptive psychiatry that I thought I would not live to see it published. However, as the years went by I became stronger in mind, body and spirit. We could have written many more books since but those who know me and have found out more true facts themselves are aware that I have always been actively involved in speaking out and doing groundwork ever since. I have been privileged to get to know so many, outstanding, kind human beings. A big Thank You to every single person who crossed my path. Indeed if we were able to include our work together we would have much more evidence than the six-week, deceptive, experimental trials that are passed as evidence by Irish psychiatrist Patricia Casey and her companions.


As Patricia said it is indeed her bread and butter. She has a vested interest in believing that contrived drug trials funded by Big, Corrupt Corrupt Companies will produce real evidence. Her Christianity would have taught her what 30 pieces of silver can do and how angry Jesus Christ was about people collecting money outside a temple but she thinks that it is okay to accept bribes from co-operations with clearly vested interests. When she was the main speaker, I and other members of MindFreedom Ireland heard her speak strongly in favour of the chemical imbalance theory many years ago. It was funded by Big Pharma. We challenged her then and we still challenge her today but were kept silent then and we are still kept silent today. The established media bow to so-called professionals who read biassed books and medical journals and are more interested in protecting themselves than those they feign to ‘help’.


We on the other hand are labelled with fictional, non-scientific ‘diagnoses’ ( ironically diagnose means to understand!) with no medical biomarkers to establish their labels exist. We are legally treated as sub/non-human and told that this is not discrimination. The law protects psychiatry and psychiatry protects the law. The state protects psychiatry and psychiatry protects the state. Then the established media protects all three. Is it any wonder we are kept silent? Is it any wonder that we feel distressed? Is it any wonder we find it difficult to be employed? Is it any wonder we are so easily drugged/electroshocked? Is it any wonder the marginalised who comprise most of the population are victims?

It can seem like there is no way out but we know the truth. We know it and many others, fortunate enough not to be labelled and drugged by psychiatry can find our way to be our own media. Everyone can do this the old-fashioned, real way by word of mouth. It was because of word of mouth that I had music pupils!! Thankfully psychiatry did not deprive me of my ability to teach also. It made it much more difficult. It was a miracle. It gave me some appreciation of my own ability.

To survive hardship we need to be strong. Psychiatry labels us weak while many who define us are very weak themselves. We need to be strong to know we are fragile. We need to be strong to say we are sorry. Everyone makes mistakes. It is by our mistakes we learn. If we continue to make the same mistakes many times it is difficult to learn. The history of psychiatry is a litany of mistakes. Yesterday’s errors become tomorrow’s and tomorrow’s while the litany of victims becomes longer and longer.


To break this cycle the public needs to wake up. I know it is difficult when most people can be very stressed finding their basic needs. Evolution requires constant change. We have got the ability to make choices. As Vandana Shiva reminds us so wisely we start with the soil. In order to protect ourselves first let us start at the beginning. We came from mother earth and we go back to it! We are honoured to play our part.


Mary Maddock

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